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H.R. International Pvt. Ltd., a renowned manpower recruitment agency based in Nepal, specializes in supplying skilled personnel for official personnel management groups. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a track record of excellence, H.R. International caters to the specific staffing needs of organizations by providing competent individuals for roles such as officer managers, assistant managers, secretaries, storekeepers, purchasers, office boys, tea boys, and bell boys. By delivering efficient and reliable personnel, H.R. International contributes to the effective management and smooth functioning of official establishments.

Meeting Official Personnel Requirements:

The official personnel management group plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of offices and businesses. H.R. International recognizes the importance of skilled professionals in this domain and excels in providing personnel for the following positions:

  1. Officer Managers: Officer managers are responsible for overseeing the administrative and operational aspects of an office. H.R. International supplies experienced officer managers who possess strong leadership skills, organizational abilities, and the ability to coordinate office activities efficiently. These professionals ensure effective communication, manage workflow and maintain a productive work environment.
  2. Assistant Managers: Assistant managers provide support to the officer managers and assist in managing day-to-day operations. H.R. International recruits competent assistant managers who possess excellent organizational and multitasking skills, ensuring the smooth execution of administrative tasks and effective coordination within the office.
  3. Secretaries, Storekeepers, and Purchasers: H.R. International recognizes the importance of these crucial roles in official establishments. Secretaries provide administrative support, handle correspondence, and manage appointments. Storekeepers are responsible for inventory management and ensuring the availability of necessary supplies. Purchasers handle procurement activities, ensuring timely and efficient sourcing of required materials. H.R. International supplies skilled individuals for these roles, contributing to the smooth functioning of the office.
  4. Office Boys: Office boys play a vital role in providing general support and assistance within an office. They handle document delivery, filing, basic cleaning, and errands. H.R. International sources reliable and diligent office boys who contribute to the efficient functioning of the office environment.
  5. Tea Boys: Tea boys play a significant role in providing refreshments and maintaining pantry services. They ensure timely preparation and delivery of beverages, contributing to a comfortable and well-catered work environment. H.R. International recruits tea boys who possess good interpersonal skills and a keen sense of responsibility.
  6. Bell Boys: In certain official establishments, bell boys are responsible for providing assistance to visitors, guests, and clients. They handle luggage, offer concierge services, and provide general assistance. H.R. International supplies courteous and well-groomed bell boys who enhance the customer experience and ensure a warm welcome for visitors.


H.R. International Pvt. Ltd. stands as a reliable manpower recruitment agency specializing in providing efficient personnel for official personnel management groups. By delivering skilled professionals such as officer managers, assistant managers, secretaries, storekeepers, purchasers, office boys, tea boys, and bell boys, H.R. International ensures effective management and smooth operations within official establishments. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, H.R. International plays a vital role in ensuring that organizations have a competent workforce that contributes to the efficient functioning of their offices.